Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Limitless (2011)

A ridiculously exciting roller coaster from start to finish. I seriously do not know where to begin.

The visual effects were stunning. Moments where Eddie (Bradley Cooper) was on the drug gave you, the audience, the feeling that you were actually on some sort of drug. The entire world became more vivid, giving his moments of "lucidity" a much more grey feeling. Time and space seemed to have no meaning. I can only assume that if I was the type of person to actually do drugs, I would have this movie on repeat for the rest of my life.

The plot circles around the rise of a poor writer, played by Bradley Cooper, to phenomenal heights in a short span of time. When on the drug, the film is wild and fun. I caught myself laughing out loud on occasion, which is always a good thing. When off the drug, the film is dark and, if I may be so bold, even scary at points. You never quite know what is going to happen next, and in that I think the true beauty of the film shines through. All of the normal predictions got thrown out the window on this one. 

The characters are definitely believable. Eddie, the main character, is a phenomenal protagonist. Even though he is willingly imbibing an illegal substance throughout the entire film, you are with him all the way. I found myself thinking out loud, "If he could just get a little more..." in several instances. His girlfriend, played by Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch, Candy), was a very convincing person to be dating someone with Eddie's personality. The stereotypical "girl with everything going for her" falling for the "poor, nearly homeless artist" has played out many times before. At least this time it payed off for her. A lot of her interaction with on and off drugs Eddie seems a little odd, like she lets him get away with almost anything. But, after realizing how much she put up with him before NZT, you can kind of get the picture.

I don't want to get into much more. Honestly, I could write a lot about this movie. I really enjoyed it, and it is definitely worth going out and seeing. Don't wait around for DVD, this is a
film worth talking about now.

Easily a 9/10, if not more. 


cant wait for hangover 2 to come out

@Finn Pheonix

I love when movies do that though, really make you feel like you are part of it. And I'd have to agree about the trouble, but it wouldn't be as good if it was a 2 hour "Bradley Cooper is Awesome" special.


I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the input.

Cool review mate, keep it up.

sounds pretty cool but haven't seen it yet!

I saw it when it first came out and it was probably one of the better movies this year definitely worth a watch, but id suggest waiting for the dvd

I agree with u all the way.
Loved this film entirely!

9/10? Hm.. Didn't look that good but with your review maybe I'll like it.

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